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eine Komödie von Florian Zeller
Übersetzt von Christopher Hampton

10 Sept – 20 Okt 2018

How much sincerity can a marriage stand? Is dishonesty the wiser choice for long lasting love? Paul and Alice are about to entertain their friends, Michel and Laurence, for dinner. But Alice has spotted Michel kissing another woman passionately in the street that very afternoon and is now confronted with a dilemma: how much should she reveal to Michel’s wife Laurence? She seems to have a compulsion towards the truth whereas her husband, the eternal pragmatist, argues in favour of neutrality and peace-keeping - therefore for lying. A comical argument ensues and as their own relationship is held up to scrutiny, the question as to who is being protected and why, grows ever more difficult to answer. Only one thing’s for sure – don’t expect this dinner to go smoothly!
“Zippy and witty - Florian Zeller is the most exciting playwright of our time.” –The Guardian “A snappy portrait of relationships, presenting language as a minefield in the warzone of marriage.” –Time Out

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THE LIE (Saison 2018/19)


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