Important Information about your visit to
Vienna’s English Theatre as of 19 November 2021

Please read before coming to the show!

We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna’s English Theatre.

Covid-19 Guidelines for download

Please note the current COVID government rules & regulations
for theatres in Vienna:

  • Mandatory registration for all visitors (personal data will be requested during ticket purchase)
  • 2G plus rule: Visitors must provide the following documents (paper or digital):

  • Vaccination certificate or card, Medical proof of vaccination

  • “Genesungsnachweis” (not older than 180 days)
  • “Absonderungsbescheid“ (not older than 180 days)

    A negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours.
    (The test has to be valid until the end of the show)

  • “Due to the 2G plus rule, there is no mask requirement. However, by wearing a mask, you are contributing to the safety of everyone present.

Exceptions regarding PCR testing: If you have submitted a PCR test in a timely manner and the result is delayed, a proof of PCR test submission (e.g., mail) as well as a negative antigen test (from an official testing organization - not older than 24 hours) in combination with above documents is also considered valid. In this case, however, you are obliged to wear an FFP2 mask during your entire visit at the theatre

Please be aware, that our staff are obliged to ask any customers refusing
to comply with the current COVID-19 legislation to leave our premises.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
We wish you an enjoyable evening!