a comedy by Florian Zeller translated by Christopher Hampton
10 Sept – 20 Oct 2018

Andrea Itzinger

Andrea is an interdisciplinary artist who studied at the “Hochschule für angewandte Kunst” and “The Grafische” in Vienna.

She worked as graphic designer for the magazine “Der Wiener” in the early eighties and as model and stylist for “Lifestylemagazine”, where she collaborated with renowned photographers such as Christian Vogt and Jean Paul Man. She later became art director for big advertising campaigns, subsequently moving into the field of designing record covers for actors and musicians such as Peter Turrini, Helmuth Qualtinger, Joesi Prokopetz, etc.

Her first professional experience in theatre was designing for and branding Peter Heinzels K&K Theater. In the nineties, focussing more on artistic design, she spent several years in India, creating her own collection of design objects as well as designing artefacts for Austrian and German companies, and working as Art consultant for Contemporary Art.

Andrea also designs mural prints which can be seen in the “Kinderoper” of Vienna State Opera amongst others. For the last ten years she has been co-operating with Studio Kudlich on exhibition concepts, focussing on dramaturgical and pedagogical aspects. Her book “Das Essen der Wikinger” (Kralverlag 2015) was written to accompany the exhibition “The Vikings” at the Schallaburg and in Rosenheim.

In 2016 she founded the film production company It’z Blue, which produces videos and video projection for theatre and musical productions (eg. Tanz der Vampire, St. Gallen). Her film Wiki heute received the ‘Silberne Victoria’ award.

Andrea is delighted to be back at Vienna’s English Theatre again, after designing costumes for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 1999.