Eine Farce von Guy Paxton und Edward V. Hoile
22 Mai - 01 Juli 2006
22 Mai – 01 Juli 2006
Vorstellung täglich um 19:30 Uhr, außer Sonntag


Love’s a Luxury is an archetypal frenzied farce set in the 1940’s which includes such delights as marital misunderstandings, mistaken identities, female impersonation, a knobbly kneed scout master, pretty girls, a missing dog and the very secretive A.B.C.I.D – ‘the Actor’s Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department’!

When theatrical impresario Charles Pentwick is falsely accused of infidelity by his young wife Margaret, he retreats to a quiet West Country cottage to lick his wounds, accompanied by his star comedian and friend Bobby Bentley. But all is not quiet. The homely house keeper Mrs Harris has been temporarily replaced by her rather attractive daughter Molly. The local village eccentric who lives in a camp in the garden aggravates the situation and when the original cause of all the trouble, glamorous Fritzy Villiers, arrives unexpectedly from London, followed closely by Charles’ son and the now apologetic Margaret, confusion reigns. To save Charles’ marriage it’s all hands to the pumps as the good ship Pentwick begins to take on water faster than the Titanic.

Besetzung & Kreativ Team

Michelle Morris
Leslie Lawton
Jack Healy
David Ericsson
Pamela Banks
Matthew Carter
Carla de Wansey
Jean Perkins

Ron Aldridge
Daniel Collins
Der Schauplatz

die späten 1940’s

Die Handlung des Stückes findet in der Lounge der Halle “Cranberry Cottage”, ein Wochenend-Refugium in der Wildnis des West Country.

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