TRIBUTE TO A BLUE LADY von & mit Carole Alston
09 Sept - 11 Okt 2006

Uli Datler


Uli started playing the piano at the age of 8 and has been playing in bands since he was 12. He studied music in Vienna, flute and old music at the University of Music and Performing Arts, jazz-composition and arranging with Prof. Czadek and jazz piano with Roland Batik amongst others. He has worked as pianist, keyboarder, composer and arranger and formed his own trio. He has performed with artists such as Carole Alston, Ines Reiger, Eva Hag, Bibi Johns, Bill Ramsey, Stella Jones, Lynne Kieran, Hans Salomon, Harry’s House, Halluzination Company and many more.
Uli has toured in the United States, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Norway, England, Greece, Egypt, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Japan, Malaysia and Turkey.

Bernd Satzinger


Bernd plays the double bass and bass-guitar and works as composer and arranger. He is the founder of the band ‘Marynade’ and a co-founder of the Jazzwerkstatt Wien, which also has its own record label. He has studied the bass-guitar and double-bass at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna and with Peter Herbert, Achim Tang, Georg Breinschmied, Helene Labarriere, and Jamaaladeen Tacuma. He has performed in New York, Washington, London, Den Haag and Vienna with artists and bands such as Kelomat, Carl Pannuzzo, Hannes Löschel, Edi Köhldorfer, Flip Phillipp, Debas, Maja Osojnik-Quartett, Groundlift and many more.

Herbert Pirker


Herbert started playing the drums at the age of 6. He studied at the Conservatoire, Vienna and won the Austrian Young Lions in 2001 and 2002 and the Hans Koller Prize with a Scholarship for New York in 2003. He has worked with Karl Ritter, Lorenz Raab, Klaus Dickbauer, Kelomat, Max Nagl, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Kurt Ostbahn, Hannes Löschl, Viola Falb, Nika Zach, Ilse Riedler and many more.

Alexander Wladigeroff


Alexander studied at The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna and The Royal Academy of Music, London. He won the Sofia Young Talent Competition, the first award at the Fidelio Competition with his Jazz-Trio “Wladigeroff ” in 2002 and the same with his brother Konstantin in 2003, as well as the World Music Förderpreis 2004 with “Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries”.

In Austria, he has performed at the opening concert of the Viennale, the Klezmer Jazz Festival Graz, Jazzland, the Burgtheater, the opening concert of “Graz-Kulturhauptstadt Europas”, Porgy & Bess, the Hallamasch Festival, the Theatermuseum, the Musikverein, Birdland, Szene Wien, Miles Smiles, Jugendstiltheater and many more. His international credits include the “Algarve Jazz Week” in Portugal, The Varna Summer International Jazz Festival in Bulgaria, the Apolonia International Festival in Bulgaria and the Volksbühne, Berlin.

Sándor Rigó

Saxophone & Clarinet

Sándor was born in Budapest and graduated from the Béla Bartók Conservatory, Budapest, the Ferenc Liszt High School of Music, Gyõr as well as the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. He attended master classes with Jean- Marie Londeix, Eugene Rousseau, Arno Bornkamp and Marcus Weiss. Since 1988 he has been teaching in the School of Music in Gyõr, the School of Music in Csorna and Volkshochschule Liesing, Vienna.
In Gyõr, Sándor has been a member of the National Theatre Orchestra and the National Philharmony Orchestra. He has played the saxophone for recital-concerts and with chamber orchestras throughout Europe, as well as with jazz groups and world music groups.

Martin Ptak


Martin studied trombone and piano at the Conservatoire and the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna as well as composition at the Bruckner-Konservatorium with Christoph Cech.

Since 1999 he has played the trombone with the Nouvelle Cuisine Bigband and has founded the Takon Orchestra with Markus Mayerhofer. In 2001 Martin co-founded the Improvisation-ensemble “Spitzbergen”. He played for Ostbahn11, the last tour of Kurt Ostbahn and formed a duet with Saxophonist Christian Gonsior in 2003. In 2004 he became member in Max Nagl’s Band “Quartier du Fasan” and co-founded the Band “Nomansland” with singer and oboist Cornelia Pesendorfer as well as the “Ensemble 8mm”. He participated in the live-film-instrumentalisation at the Festival “Glatt & Verkehrt” in Krems and played with his ensemble “Spitzbergen” at the Donaufestival Krems and the Austrian Cultural Institute in Rome. In 2005 he co-founded the Lounge-Orchestra “Velvet-Elevator” with Heinz Fallmann.
Martin has also played in several theatres including Theater in der Josefstadt, Volkstheater Wien, Metropol, Museumsquartier, Kammerspiele and Volksoper Wien.