von und mit Daniel Llewelyn-Williams
17 Jän – 22 Feb 2020

Flying Bridge Theatre

Flying Bridge Theatre is a small theatre company based in South Wales. We create innovative work that honours artistic quality above all else.

Flying Bridge Theatre was created by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams in 2013 to coincide with the inaugural production of his first self-produced play, A Regular Little Houdini. Since then, Tim Baker has joined Dan as co-artistic director to help steer the ship and to further the company in its artistic endeavour. To date we have produced four shows, touring Wales, the rest of the UK and further afield in Australia, USA and now mainland Europe. The company has picked up five awards internationally, including the coveted ‘Wales in the World’ award, which is given for the exportation of Welsh culture abroad. We are very proud of that accolade; as Tim and Dan both believe that crossing borders with and raising awareness of culture is essential in a future society of which we want to be a part. In order to co-exist we must co-understand. It’s a big vision but hey… it starts with small steps.

We believe that knowledge of each other’s customs and folk history promotes compassion and understanding. It is an artist’s obligation to extol these and leave our audience somewhat changed otherwise we are merely entertainers. We like to believe that our style of storytelling resides in that sweet spot between humour and pathos, where the magic happens.

We are a bilingual company and try to explore the interface between Welsh and English language in the presentation of our work where possible and applicable.

Flying Bridge Theatre is passionate about creating enjoyable experiential opportunities for young people in the theatre arts and has produced several pieces to that end with community and young people at heart. We also recently toured a memory project around care-homes in Wales concerning remembrance and the effects of war on rural communities.

Our other productions include: The Lament of George Shell, A Coven of Chartists, Between the Crosses, Not About Heroes, Horse Country, The Unspoken Word and The Rising.

We are currently developing a major stage event set in Newport.

You can read more about our company and support our work at