A guest appearance of the famous comedy and improvisation group

Boom Chicago

10 - 15 Jan 2005
10 – 15 Jan 2005
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays


Don’t miss this sharp improv-comedy show from the American group Boom Chicago stationed in Amsterdam since 1993! Boom Chicago performs some 500 shows a year in Holland, Europe, the US, and over the world. The shows are fast paced and exciting. Boom Chicago is an energetic mix of sketches and pure improvisations. The actors get suggestions from the audience and turn them into scenes, plots and jokes that are topical, funny and different every night. Every Boom Chicago show is dynamic and unique.


Cast & Creative Team

Heather Campbell
Rachel Miller
Tim Sniffen
Jim Woods

Jon Rosenfeld
David Schmoll
Paddy Dawson
There will be an interval of twenty minutes

No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.