the british thriller


by Francis Durbridge
04 Nov - 22 Dec 2004
04 Nov – 22 Dec 2004
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays


Murder and mystery abound in this British thriller from the master of the genre, Francis Durbridge, famous for the 1960s TV series The Scarf. Initially the plot seems to follow a familiar pattern – a greedy husband plotting to kill his wife, but Deadly Nightcap has more than its fair share of blind alleys.

Jack Radford is managing director of Donnington’s estate agents, a family business inherited by his wife Sarah and her brother Edward. The business is flourishing but there are rumours of dubious dealings.

When Edward returns unexpectedly from Spain, confronting his brother-in-law with the outcome of his investigations there, Jack has to act quickly to stop the truth from surfacing. In order to obtain total control over

Donnington’s, he then drives his wife to the verge of a nervous breakdown, setting up the perfect scenario for her tragic “suicide”. But things go horribly wrong…

Cast & Creative Team

Dione Inman
Robert Fitch
Anne Kavanagh
Howard Nightingall
Cheryl Kennedy
Sean Rees
Maria Carson
Ray Gardner
David Summer
John Hart Dyke

Graham Watts
Neil Irish & Isabel Muñoz
Jules Buckley
Jo Willis
Philip d’Orléans
There will be an interval of twenty minutes

No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.