the witty and heart-warming drama


by Jeff Baron
04 April- 13 May 2005
First of all I have a confession to make, I fell in love with this play when I was working in South Africa where I did the play twice. So this is the third production that I have been associated with and the love still continues. This time I have the pleasure of working with Aaron who has done the play very successfully in America. It is a “feel good” play, you can come to the theatre with problems that will pale when compared with the problems you are about to watch.

The play is dedicated to the author’s grandmother, “for a lifetime of love and for gifts that have lasted long past her lifetime”. The play must be played without any attempts to “be funny”, the humour will come from the characters themselves

The play starts with two men who do not want to be in the same room together. It develops into a gripping story of human nature as they get to know each other and come to care about each other. They open old wounds that they’ve been hiding and nursing for years.

Enjoy your evening and happy theatre going.

Rex Garner