by Frederick Knott
07 Nov - 22 Dec 2005
07 Nov – 22 Dec 2005
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays


David Rodingham returns to his family’s manor house after fifteen years absence to see his dying father. His brother Clive, heir to Rodingham Manor, immediately confronts him with his plan for selling the estate, including the lands and village, as soon as their father has passed away in order to pursue a Texas millionaire’s daughter. Although David lives an eccentric writer’s life on a houseboat exiled from home,  he’s still committed heart and soul to the family estate and is even more shocked when the potential buyer, Charles Sturrock, arrives with his wife Julie. Sturrock, a shrewd, ruthless, self-made tycoon has his own secret plans for the run-down manor as well as for David Rodingham. He encourages his wife to befriend David as she needs some expert advice on a crime story she’s submitting to a magazine writing competition. As the two work out the perfect crime for her story, the plot thickens until every twist and turn leads to an intricate maze of clues. But who is double-crossing whom? From the author of Dial M for Murder and Wait Until Dark comes one of the most ingenious thrillers ever written.

Cast & Creative Team

Christopher James
Maggie Guess
Lynden Edwards
Ross Gurney-Randall
Willow Nash
Howard Nightingall

Philip Dart
Rodney Ford
No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.