Arms and the Man

In celebration of Bernard Shaw’s 150th birthday
starring Christopher Buchholz
06 Nov - 22 Dec 2006
06 Nov – 22 Dec 2006
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays



Arms and the Man is Bernard Shaw’s classic comedy about love and heroism, satirising romantic ideals of courage, honour and chivalry with biting wit.
The scene is set in Bulgaria , 1885, in the home of Major Petkoff of the Bulgarian army. His daughter, Raina, is engaged to the dashing young officer, Sergius Saranoff, who is away at war against Serbia . She believes that nothing is more beautiful and noble in her life than her unending love for Sergius. That is, until one dark November night when Raina discovers an enemy soldier, a Swiss mercenary, hiding in her room and agrees to shelter him – a curious breed of soldier who carries chocolate instead of ammunition.
This ‘chocolate cream soldier’, Captain Bluntschli, paints Raina a very different image of war, soon deflating her romantic notions about love and heroism. Although she accuses him of cowardice, she saves his life by letting him slip away in her father’s old coat. With the coming of peace, Bluntschli returns to offer his thanks and Raina is forced to choose between the posturing patriotism of her fiancé and the pragmatism of the wealthy and romantic foreigner.

Cast & Creative Team

Olivia Wright
Kate Dove
Marianne Permaul
Christopher Buchholz
Howard Nightingall
Timothy Speyer
Roger Forbes
Tom Sykes

Philip Dart
Alison Heffernan
No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.