Michael Frayn’s sparkling comedy
04 Feb - 15 March 2008
04 Feb – 15 March 2008
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays

70 minutes
20 minutes
35 minutes
approx. 09.35 pm


Twenty-five years after graduation, a number of former students, now in their forties, return to their college for a reunion dinner. All starts smoothly, with the usual conventional greetings and old-boy reminiscences. But, as the night wears on, alcohol  loosens inhibitions causing surprising behaviour in those in positions of political, academic or spiritual authority.  Into the resulting revelry stumbles Lady Driver, the now very proper Master’s wife who used to be the good-time girl on the campus, short-sightedly searching for the lost love of her youth. In the ensuing pandemonium, the much lusted after Lady Driver becomes the eye of the storm, trying not to get caught in a compromising situation, whilst the ‘gentlemen’ not only risk their reputations being sullied but also face the perils of excommunication, psychotic breakdown, murder, defenestration and drowning – but not necessarily in that order!

Cast & Creative Team

Cast in order of appearance:

John Hart Dyke
Jeffrey Harmer
Martyn Stanbridge
Clive Moore
Mark Elstob
Keith Myers
Will Ashcroft
Howard Nightingall
Sasha Waddell

David Warwick
Rodney Ford
There will be one intermission of twenty minutes.

No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.