2 Pianos 4 Hands

The Award Winning Play
14 SEP - 17 OCT 2009
14 SEP – 17 OCT 2009
daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays
ticket sales from 24 August 2009

65 minutes
20 minutes
55 minutes
at approx. 9.50 pm


2 Pianos 4 Hands, is the touching and irresistibly funny story of Ted and Richard, two young piano prodigies, who share one goal: concert pianist stardom. Through fifteen years filled with musical passion, the performers portray a dazzling array of characters embellished with a show of piano wizardry. As young adults, their eyes open to new ideas and influences that force their piano playing and world perspectives to evolve. But after all those years of working fervently towards their dream, they finally come to the humbling realization that greatness may be out of reach.

This dramatic gem has played in over 150 productions and for 2 million people worldwide since its premiere in Toronto in 1996, which makes it the most successful Canadian play ever and will be performed by the internationally popular musical comedy duo Katzenjammer.

Cast & Creative Team

Cast in order of appearance:

Kevin Farrell
Steven Worbey

Julian Woolford
Hans Peter Kudlich
Nick Richings

There will be one intermission of twenty minutes.

No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.