2 Pianos 4 Hands

The Award Winning Play
14 SEP - 17 OCT 2009


Theater: 2 Pianos, 4 Hands

The plot is unusual and ordinary at the same time.  It deals with the difficult terrain encountered on the path to success as a concert pianist, familiar territory especially in Vienna where so many musical careers begin, and end in failure.

In their well-received piece 2 Pianos, 4 Hands the Canadian author duo Ted Dykskra and Richard Greenblatt review 15 years of piano instruction in witty and dramatic scenes.  It is clear to what extent these snapshots are autobiographical from the main characters who are not accidentally named Ted and Richard.

(…) The performance of the two protagonists Kevin Farrell and Steven Worbey is exceptional.  They have not only mastered the histrionics of each life-segment with bravura but glide through every other role in this thoroughly entertaining evening in the English Theatre.  And, truly amazing that they also understand how to conduct the evening as pianists with Bach, Chopin or Jazz.  The audience is enraptured.

Stefan Beig
17. Sept. 2009

Kronen Zeitung

English Theatre: „2 Pianos“ Two brilliant comedians!

Fabulous musicians Kevin Farrell and Steven Worbey create an atmosphere akin to that of a pop concert.  Jubilation!

The comedians and excellent classical pianists play beautifully, among others, Chopin’s “Rain Drops” prelude, the second movement of Beethoven’s “Pathetique,” Schubert’s A Minor Impromptu – and pieces by Bach, Grieg, Mozart…but also hits by Richard Rogers, Sinatra’s “My Way” or Offenbach’s overture to “Orpheus in the Underworld” perfectly played as encores.  For they are brilliant as comedians and musical virtuosi, play on two pianos or four-handed on one instrument, change places and characters in a twinkling.  The two combine musical ability and refreshing comedy into a splendid evening directed in the best British manner with verve and wit. Such hearty laughter has not been heard in Vienna’s English Theatre for a long time.

17. Sept. 2009

Die Presse

*A hard road to failure
2 Pianos – 4 Hands depicts the snares of a music careeer*

Did you suffer as a child under the capricious domain of a piano-/ guitar-/ violin teacher (cross out whichever does not apply)?  You knew the metronome as the worst instrument of torture since the invention of the iron maiden, the way to the podium as the route to the scaffold?  Then you are in exactly the right place with 2 Pianos – 4 Hands playing until October 17 in Vienna’s English Theatre.  For the play by the two Canadians Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt is above all something for insiders.  Those who cannot draw on such a treasure of experience will not recognize many barbs as such.  But  surely there must be sufficient people in the music city of Vienna equipped with an adequate command of the musical alphabet. (x) Kevin Farrell and Steven Worbey,  known in Great Britain as the duo “Katzenjammer” are an ideal cast: technically masterful, they rummage through the piano literature from Bach to Albeniz.  How good the two are becomes evident in the way they are able to play wrong intentionally – and that parallel to a pianistic steeplechase they are also able to switch roles in quick-time (director: Julian Woolford) as if that were child’s play.  Sometimes it is not entirely a waste of time to learn an instrument.