Time Stands Still

by Donald Margulies
30 Jan – 10 March 2012
30 Jan – 10 March 2012
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays

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55 minutes
20 minutes
55 minutes
approx. at 9.45pm


In Donald Margulies’ compelling new drama, Sarah and James, a long term couple and journalistic team, have to confront the prospect of a more conventional life upon their return from the war-torn Middle East. Sarah, a headstrong and visionary photographer, has been injured by a roadside bomb and has difficulty adjusting to being nursed by her partner. James, on the other hand, is swamped by guilt for having left her behind due to a nervous breakdown shortly before the accident. The visit of Sarah’s mentor and friend, a photo editor, with his new, far too young, girlfriend, makes the fissures in their relationship even more apparent. Whilst James now wishes to build a family, Sarah paces their loft like a caged animal, itching to get back behind the camera and trying to find out if she is more in love with her partner or the drama and chaos of war.

“The dialogue throughout Time Stands Still crackles with bright wit and intelligence.” – The New York Times

Cast & Creative Team

Shannon Koob
Howard Nightingall
Dave Moskin
Carrie Getman

Martin Platt
Sue Mayes
Andy Greenfield
Produced in cooperation with Perry Street Theatricals

There will be one intermission of twenty minutes.
No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre without prior permission from the management.