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starring Katharina Stemberger
4 Nov – 21 Dec 2013
4 Nov – 21 Dec 2013
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays

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80 minutes
20 minutes
60 minutes
approx. at 10.10 pm


Leonard Vole, an attractive and charming man, is accused of murdering an elderly lady although he protests his innocence. However, all the evidence points towards his guilt, even the motive is there as Leonard is, unexpectedly, heir to her fortune. And yet, although it all seems so cut and dried, experienced barrister, Sir Wilfrid Robarts, shows interest in the case and takes it on, convinced of his client’s innocence and that a conviction is no foregone conclusion.

The play is full of surprising twists and unexpected pieces of circumstantial evidence all of which keep the cunning old fox on his toes. Disaster threatens as the evidence of his number one witness, Vole’s wife, is demolished and she is suddenly a witness for the prosecution. This is not the only coup de théâtre, however, in this spectacular courtroom case which became world-famous through the 1957 Billy Wilder film with Sir Charles Laughton as Sir Wilfred and Marlene Dietrich as the inscrutable Mrs Vole. Agatha Christie at her dazzling best!

“A walloping success.” – Herald Tribune
“Packs plenty of surprise in its cargo of suspense.” – Daily Mirror

Cast & Creative Team

Clare Scott
John Fleming
Martyn Stanbridge
Chris Polick
Robin Kingsland
George Beach
Nicholas Sadler
Katharina Stemberger
Nicholas Sadler
John Fleming
Charles Armstrong
Martyn Stanbridge
Margaret Fraser
Elizabeth Stepney
Clare Scott

Philip Dart
Sue Mayes
Philip d’Orléans
Andrew Greenfield
There will be one intermission of twenty minutes.

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