Vienna’s English Theatre Youth Ensemble presents
Willy Russell’s Musical


6 – 10 May 2015
6 – 10 May 2015
Performances daily at 7.30pm

Ticket sales from 23 March 2015

Ticket prices (flat rate):
Adults € 20,-
Children/Students € 15,-

70 minutes
20 minutes
65 minutes
approx. at 10.05 pm


Willy Russell’s award winning musical Blood Brothers is a unique combination of a gripping story with a dramatic musical score, which made it a hit in the West End, where it played for 24 years. Blood Brothers tells the story of a financially struggling mother who, in desperation, gives away one of her twin boys at birth to her wealthy childless employer. Unaware of their blood ties and despite their vastly different upbringing, the boys grow up to become best friends, and then rivals, both falling in love with the same girl.

“Blood Brothers” marks the third and most ambitious musical production of Vienna English Theatre’s Youth Ensemble.

“Above all this is a very human story about love, friendship and the things that can go wrong when the truth isn’t told – and one of those shows that should be seen by everyone with a beating heart.”TNT Magazine

Cast & Creative Team

Claudia Kohlmann
Caroline Docar
Giamo Röwekamp
Wolfgang Fahrner
Christopher Aguilar
Peter Perktold
Raoul Rettberg
Jasmina Fridl
Daphne Reitinger
Anna Allgäuer

Adrienne Ferguson
Ariana Pullano
Richard Panzenböck
Anna Allgäuer
Roshini Sheidbach

Adrienne Ferguson, Edina Mach