Continental Premiere


by Peter Souter
7 March – 16 Apr 2016
7 March – 16 Apr 2016

Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays

Ticket sales from 8 Feb 2016

42 minutes
20 minutes
48 minutes
approx. at 9.20 pm


British Dramatist’s Peter Souter’s debut play is a spikily fresh romantic comedy with brilliantly sharp dialogue in the tradition of the classic screwball comedy.

Juliet, young, smart, sassy – and just a tad too impulsive – has got herself a fresh start in a new flat after having landed herself in some serious trouble with her boyfriend. But there’s a hitch: amidst the boxes, a strange guy is also moving in – and he won’t leave. He also has keys and a contract for the flat whether she likes it or not. He says her agency has messed up and her flat is actually his flat. As if that’s not enough, the real problem is that, apart from being infuriatingly introverted and pedantic, he’s rather attractive and charming too… Soon the witty bantering commences and sparks start to fly…

“Utterly compelling…. a play that can swell and break your heart within two hours.” –The Telegraph

Cast & Creative Team

Shaun Chambers
Madeleine Knight
James Barbour
Una Byrne

Philip Dart
Judith Croft
There will be one interval of twenty minutes.

No photographs or recording allowed in the theatre
without prior permission from the management

HELLO/GOODBYE was first produced at Hampstead Theatre, London.

Based on an original radio play THAT’S MINE, THIS IS YOURS broadcast by the BBC.

Copyright agency for works by Peter Souter: United Agents /Nicki Stoddart