V.E.T. Special
Vienna’s English Theatre Academy presents


by Jessica Swale
5 - 8 May 2021
5 – 8 May 2021
Performances daily at 7.30pm


VETA’s drama students present a professional full-scale theatre production as highlight of their two-year training.

Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale is the moving, comical and eye-opening story of a group of young women fighting for their rights to an education at Gilton Hall, Cambridge, the first college in Britain to accept female students. Although we associate the Victorian era with modesty and proper manners, the girls and of Girton Hall and those who supported them were rebels; their passions and ambitions stretching against the corsets and social expectations of the time. Receiving its professional premiere at the Shakespeare’s Globe, London in 2013, Blue Stockings became an instant hit with its irreverent and energetic tale of a group of people who wanted to change the world by bettering themselves.

“Cracking… leaves you astonished at the prejudices these educational pioneers had to overcome.” – The Guardian
“Lively and eye-opening.” – The Independent