by Allan Knee
16 May - 7 July 2022
16 May – 07 July 2022
Performances daily at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays

Ticket sales from 04 April 2022

no performances on 6 & 16 June

75 min
20 min
45 min
approx. at 9.50 pm


Syncopation is a delightful romance combining an unusual love story with ballroom dancing set in New York’s Lower East Side 1910’s, an era of optimism, social mobility and emerging feminism.

Henry Ribolow, a Jewish meatpacker dreams big: he’s determined to escape from his dispiriting and lonely work routine by starting a career as a ballroom dancer. So, he places a classified ad in the newspaper to find an equally motivated dance partner. From the moment Anna Bianchi, an Italian seamstress, summons the courage to knock on the door of his dusty rented room, sparks fly. Their journey puts Henry’s dream to the test with the headstrong Anna not only getting engaged to another man but also joining the emerging suffragettes movement. But with each Tango and Foxtrot, they are drawn closer together, spinning a touching story of hope against all odds and triumph of the human spirit.

„Allan Knee deftly blends music, dance and dialogue into one expressive language.” – Broadway World
„With charm and grace, Syncopation dances into the audience’s hearts.” – Detroit Free Press
„Inspired! Compelling!” – The Age
„An intensely human love story… Syncopation pays off with a big jackpot.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Mike Denman
Jessica Frances

Sean Aita
Richard Evans
Claire Camble Hutchins
Nick Richings
Fraser Lappin
There will be one interval of twenty minutes.

The video and/or audio recording of this performance
by any means whatsoever are strictly prohibited.